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They sell us love as divinity, when it's only a social obscenity. [entries|friends|calendar]
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[03 Mar 2005|02:09pm]

I love how there's like five of us in this community...
and how the last time it's been updated is over two months ago........
this was a nice community, with liable people.
Shame it didn't last.


[29 Dec 2004|02:33pm]

join pretty_inandout

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new [24 Dec 2004|10:32am]

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new [20 Dec 2004|09:21pm]

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[05 Dec 2004|04:06pm]

guess what? i'm promoting.  have fun. ___pop


[30 Nov 2004|09:46am]



[29 Nov 2004|08:49pm]


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[04 Nov 2004|02:30pm]

join __pretty


MOD [24 Oct 2004|12:08am]

I am sorry to say that I can no longer maintain this community. I guess I am no good at being a Mod. I hate to see it go to waste. If any of you are interested in getting this community going and making it your own, let me know and I will give you all the information necessary. I like this community, but it isnt currently very active at all and I dont have the time to take charge.
so yeah...sorry you guys.

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[24 Sep 2004|10:11pm]

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[13 Sep 2004|07:44pm]

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[13 Sep 2004|10:48am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Name: Vivian Liebes
Age: 15
Sex: female
Location: New Symrna Beach, Florida
Nickname(s)...if any: Kitty Kat,Via,Vivion..?

10-15 of your favorite bands: Bjork,Suicidal Tendencies,Misfits,Casulties,The Cure ~old stuff~,Presidents of the United States of America,The Ramones,Operation Ivy,The distillers,Crass
Your all time favorite band: Bjork ~if that counts~
Favorite show: i really don't watch tv but i guess Kids in the Hall
Last show attended:  warp tour 2004

Oppinions on...
Religion: Believe what you want i believe in something.
Bush: Death is his middle name..i think he tried to follow his fathers footsteps and in the process killed many..plus he looks ancient
Homosexual marriages: i'll admit i'm bi Love is what you feel for somebody for who they are not what sex they are..anywayz we ought to focus on more contorversail issues <--hower u spell it
Abortion: i'm pro on it but it depends on the situation..itz a life that shouldn't be tooken away becasue some slut doesn't want it
Drugs: tried them.thought they were overrated, +my bfs in detox casue of drugs it hurts you and the people aroound you..
School: People make it difficult,all the drama..now and days you need school to get good money so stick with it and ignore the soap opera + you get to see your friends everyday..but hey sum don't agree ~this is America~

random questions:
-what annoys you the most? People who call themselves stupid..
-what is your worst quality? I'm stubborn
-what is your best? I'm an ear when you want to talk
-do you have any pets? names...a turlte ~naner~i've had her for 5yrs

tell us a joke...make it good. ok so a stoned guy walks out of a party to walk to his house one night..well a bloody guy limping tells the stoner "Call me an ambulance!" the stoner thinks a minute then says"You're an ambulance"haha ok fine i tired

Promote us in 2 or more community or journals (no friends only) and post them here. (this is a must):</a>

and finally...
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[12 Sep 2004|05:22am]


come on kids...this is the only community i don't want to leave. why is it dead?

post pictures. comment. do something.

here. have a picture or two. i'm seducing you as a last, frail attempt.Collapse )


[26 Aug 2004|01:01pm]

Uh OhCollapse )


[21 Aug 2004|10:11pm]

“…New punks are being attracted to the movement, but without having punk rock tendencies. As more and more people adopt the appearance of punk, they have less and less of an idea of its content. The critical message of Punk has a number of targets, including classism, sexism, racism and authoritarianism…when punks adopt the form or style without attention to the critical message of the punk movement, people assumptions about racism, sexism, classism, and authoritarianism remain unchallenged; the seeds of the punk movements own destruction are sown.”
-Larry Zbach


[18 Aug 2004|07:49pm]

Sorry I haven't been active at all. I just got power back last night after some bitch ass storm named charlie rolled through my state. umm...my digital camera is busted so that sucks.

still need some more 100x100's from you kids. we could use some more members too.

give me ideas to make this shit more exciting...

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[16 Aug 2004|12:34am]

Bang Bang Your Black...Collapse )

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[16 Aug 2004|12:14am]



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[08 Aug 2004|02:23pm]

Upcoming shows & flyers...
If you live Los Angeles...and feel like premoting...Collapse )


[06 Aug 2004|02:44pm]


Early morning Aug. 1st (just 20 minutes outside of Salt Lake City, UT on highway 15) The Virus blew a tire causing their van and trailer off the highway and roll 3 times. Due to some form of luck no one was thrown from the van, but severe physical harm came to the bands drummer "Black" Jon Emanuel and their roadie Dave Shumate. After all members of the band were checked out at a local hospital Jon was released with severe bruising and in a neck brace, (he currently needs aid to stand up/sit down and is in constant pain). Dave's arm, fortunately not broken, is in a sling and unusable do to it being crushed during the accident. The remaining members of the band and their tour manager Matt Bedford all suffered minor bruising and cuts. Though shaken up by the incident, they are in good health and spirits considering the circumstances.

The accident occurred during the fourth week of their nine week tour with CLIT 45 and COMPLETE CONTROL. Despite this horrible accident THE VIRUS has decided to continue although they are forced to cancel their western Canadian dates to take time to get a new van and take care of other details. The drummers of the support acts will fill in for Jon and the tour will resume with all 3 bands on Aug. 6th in Seattle at Graceland NO FURTHER SHOWS WILL BE CANCELLED.

If the band ever needed it's fans support they do now. Please pass the word around and if you are a fan of any of the acts on the tour Please attend the shows to show support. The band will also be taking donations at the merch. tables to help offset the expenses that the accident has added to their already increasing tour debts. Tour dates can be found at www.viruspunks.com , www.clit45.net and www.punkcore.com . Again, if there ever was a need for scene unity, here is a chance to prove it. Come out and lend a hand to some people in need.

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