THE Droog (punkrockcunt) wrote in stand_defiant,
THE Droog

Name: ashley
Age: 16
Sex: female
Location: new jersey
Nickname(s)...if any: mmmm, well i have a crackhead friend who calls me clashley

10-15 of your favorite bands: the adicts, oxymoron, gbh, aus-rotten, the good lads, low budgets, the business, youth brigade, pistol grip, the vandals
Your all time favorite band: THE ADICTS
Favorite show: the buzzcocks
Last show attended: mm, im not sure but im goin to one tomarrow, a small venue, to see the scandals and local bands and next friday im goin to see the low budgets and U55, more local bands

Oppinions on...
Religion: im atheist, i dont believe in organized religion, but i believe that for some people it is important to have something to believe in, if it helps get them through the day. but i can do that by myself
Bush: everytime i see that man or hear him, i just cant believe HE is running our country. could we have picked anyone stupider?
Homosexual marriages: i am all for them. i dont see what the difference is between a gay and straight marriage, except for different people. they should have the same rights to be happy as straight people do. but the whole institution of marriage is messed up these days, not many people take it as seriously.
Abortion: i am pro choice, most of the time. if you were raped, pro choice. if you are pregnant and there is no possible way that you could provide for your child and give it the things it deserves and needs, you shouldnt bring it into the world to suffer.
Drugs: i used to be a speed freak, so im only for drugs in moderation, cuz ive seen where they can get you.
School: it sucks, but im gettin through it. i think its important to at least get through hs, or youll end up with some shitty dead end job.

random questions:
-what annoys you the most? posers
-what is your worst quality? i dont take shit from anyone
-what is your best? i dont take shit from anyone
-do you have any pets? names... i have a turtle named Monkey

tell us a joke...make it good. what is the difference between jews and pizzas? pizzas dont scream when you put them in the oven. ( theres alot of jew jokes gettin passed around since its a jew holiday tomarrow and there was one last week, ahahah)

Promote us in 2 or more community or journals (no friends only) and post them here. (this is a must): x_punks_unite_x and rather_be_hated

and finally...
1 or more pictures of the following BEHIND AN L-J CUT:
ive got plenty of pictures here
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