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Name: Vivian Liebes
Age: 15
Sex: female
Location: New Symrna Beach, Florida
Nickname(s)...if any: Kitty Kat,Via,Vivion..?

10-15 of your favorite bands: Bjork,Suicidal Tendencies,Misfits,Casulties,The Cure ~old stuff~,Presidents of the United States of America,The Ramones,Operation Ivy,The distillers,Crass
Your all time favorite band: Bjork ~if that counts~
Favorite show: i really don't watch tv but i guess Kids in the Hall
Last show attended:  warp tour 2004

Oppinions on...
Religion: Believe what you want i believe in something.
Bush: Death is his middle name..i think he tried to follow his fathers footsteps and in the process killed he looks ancient
Homosexual marriages: i'll admit i'm bi Love is what you feel for somebody for who they are not what sex they are..anywayz we ought to focus on more contorversail issues <--hower u spell it
Abortion: i'm pro on it but it depends on the situation..itz a life that shouldn't be tooken away becasue some slut doesn't want it
Drugs: tried them.thought they were overrated, +my bfs in detox casue of drugs it hurts you and the people aroound you..
School: People make it difficult,all the and days you need school to get good money so stick with it and ignore the soap opera + you get to see your friends everyday..but hey sum don't agree ~this is America~

random questions:
-what annoys you the most? People who call themselves stupid..
-what is your worst quality? I'm stubborn
-what is your best? I'm an ear when you want to talk
-do you have any pets? names...a turlte ~naner~i've had her for 5yrs

tell us a joke...make it good. ok so a stoned guy walks out of a party to walk to his house one night..well a bloody guy limping tells the stoner "Call me an ambulance!" the stoner thinks a minute then says"You're an ambulance"haha ok fine i tired

Promote us in 2 or more community or journals (no friends only) and post them here. (this is a must):</a>

and finally...

1 or more pictures of the following BEHIND AN L-J CUT:
-Hair: Dark brown and wavy
-Face: no make up and i really don't know
-Style: my own creations and whatevers clean and comfortable

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